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The Modern-Day Church
May 27, 2019, 3:09 PM

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May 2019

"The church needs to prepare for one of the darkest, most wicked attacks of all time." (Mark Barclay)

The modern-day church is at a crossroads. Pastors have to choose between God and the world; between truth and deception; between compromise and obedience. Mixing the world and Christianity must come to an abrupt stop. God will soon bring judgment because of how the church has compromised His Word with the sinful nature of the world.

Demons have gained strength, set up strongholds and have prepared society for the anti-Christ himself. This is also happening in many churches where pastors preach a watered-down gospel and have become people pleasers rather than God pleasers.

The church, who is supposed to have an influence on society, is being influenced and weakened by those they are meant to witness unto. No one seems shocked at the heresies, non-biblical unions, and false teachings we find in the church today.

We need pastors who hear from God and who willingly obey Him. We need pastors who are not afraid of their people and who are not ashamed of the whole truth. We need pastors who will build an end-time army ready to defeat Satan and his demons and who are ready to meet the spiritual needs of hurting people. We need pastors who will preach deliverance and spiritual warfare and thereby usher in the supernatural.

Are you that pastor? Do you have such a pastor? If not RUN to a church that has a pastor who will preach the full gospel. If you fail to preach it, it won't manifest. Fail to teach healing, no one gets healed. Fail to teach deliverance, no one gets set free. Fail to teach repentance, no one gets saved. Fail to teach the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, no one walks in the power of His gifts. And the list goes on.

If you don't make a choice to get serious now, soon it will be too late.
I present this in a spirit of love. But as a watchman, I must share what I believe the Lord is saying.




Dr. James Fent
Christian Speaker & Author

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