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June 14, 2019, 3:00 PM


 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. —PROVERBS 23:7 You are the way you think.


The mind has always been a favorite target of the enemy. If the devil can control your mind, he can control your life. Spirits that attack the mind include, mind control, confusion, mental breakdown, mind-binding and mind-binding spirits, insanity, madness, mania, fantasy, evil thinking, migraines, mental pain, and negative thinking.


Mind control is a common spirit that has been identified by the name “Octopus.”


  1. Mind-control spirits can resemble an octopus or squid with tentacles that grasp and control the mind.
  2. Deliverance from mind control releases a person from mental pressure, mental pain, confusion, and mental torment.
  3. Mind-control spirits can enter through listening to ungodly music, reading occult books, pornography, false teaching, false religions, drugs, and passivity.
  4. In Jesus’s name, I loose my mind from all spirits of control, confusion, mental bondage, insanity, madness, fantasy, passivity, intellectualism, knowledge block, ignorance, mind-binding, lust, and evil thinking.




  1. These are slender, flexible appendages in some invertebrates, used for feeling or grasping. Tentacles are found in creatures such as the octopus and the squid.
  2. Mind-control spirits resemble these creatures in the spirit realm and also have tentacles for feeling and grasping. In spiritual warfare these tentacles need to be severed from the minds of those affected by mind control.
  3. This breaks mind

Mind control Spirits can control the mind and affect the way a person thinks. If evil spirits can control the thoughts, they can defeat the individual (Prov. 23:7).


  1. Mind control is a very important spirit in Satan’s arsenal. People can receive mind control spirits through music (rock, jazz, disco, and the like), meditation, reading certain books, drugs and alcohol (or anything that alters the mind and breaks down the hedges—Eccl. 10:8), passivity, control by another person, exposure of the mind to false teachings, psychology, pornography, and so on.
  2. Mind-control spirits can also be inherited. They have tentacles and resemble creatures such as the octopus and the squid. Migraine headaches are caused by mind-control spirits.
  3. Mind control works with insanity, mental illness, schizophrenia, intellectualism, and a host of others that operate in the mind. Mind control also gives a person the ability to control the mind of another.
  4. Many pastors and church leaders have very powerful mind-control spirits. False teachers and cults also use mind control to keep people bound to them.
  5. These spirits hate the anointing of the forehead with oil, and this is helpful in binding them. Also anointing the top, back, and sides (temples) of the head is sometimes necessary.
  6. When a person receives deliverance from the mind control, they are able to think clearly, some for the first time in their lives. In attacking mind control, come against the tentacles by asking the Lord to send angels to sever them. (See tentacles.)


Eckhardt, John. Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual (p. 230). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.

From the Time of World War 2 with the Vril Society techniques used to control the minds of people to commit the most horrific attacks of the minds and will of the German people, until now, Mind Control Techniques are used to control the destiny of countries, cities, churches, and families.

  1. Mind Control Spirits are seen in many of our images of our culture.
  2. Demonic mind control spirits are seen as Octopus or Squids.
    1. Octopus has 8 arms
    2. Squids have 8 arms with 2 tentacles


  1. An Octopus's arms wrapped around many of our companies images or Logo's.
  2. Octopuses are seen in many of our art work - One Artist expresses images impressed in the spirit.
  1. Mind Control spirits have a beak or tooth that they bite their prey with to eat the contents of their


  1. This beak is so strong it is able to break through bone or the outer shell of the prey.
  2. Many have fallen to mind control because they have not put on the helmet of salvation.
  3. Else they have allowed mind control to keep attacking this helmet positioned on their head as to weaken them is this area.  Helmet of Salvation with Mind Control attacked.


  1. Because Octopus arms are able to regenerate if they are cut off, do not attack the tips of the arms.
    1. Take the Sword of the Spirit and Severe the arms at the body of the Mind Control Octopus
    2. Anoint the Front, Back, and Sides of a persons head with anointing oil.
    3. By faith, Pull the tooth off the top of the persons head.
    4. Command Mind Control to loose the head of the person and come out / off.
    5. Attack the Mind Control Spirit, by pulling it's tooth from the top the head.
    6. Some people scream while the spirit is being removed.  Also, they comment that there is a hole on top of their head where the tooth was previously connected.


  1. Octopus has natural enemies - Spiritual Lessson
    1. Call for Sharks and Large Fish to come and eat the Octopus
    2. Cut off the blood to the 3 hearts that an Octopus has - forbid oxygen to sustain life
    3. Octopus frequently lose an arm to predators, but they grow back.
    4. Fishermen use the severed arms of Octopus for bait, because they continue to move after they are severed.
    5. Squids and other cephalopods, such as octopi and cuttlefish, use dark ink to confuse their predators and thereby escape from them. The ink itself is contained in an ink sac, which is a muscular pouch that lies beneath the gut.
    6. Forbid Mind Control Spirits to release its dark ink, not allowing this technique to distract or confuse.


  1. While taking people through deliverance, many complain of headaches.
    1. This is a sign that mind control spirit is at work.
    2. It is trying to stop you from proceeding in the area that you are working on.
    3. Remember the dark ink is used to confuse their predator.
    4. Don't become distracted with the pain of the headache.


  1. Deliverance Session:  While addressing the issue of the candidate having migraine headaches.
    1. He was sitting in a chair in the deliverance center.
    2. I told him that migraines could be caused by Mind Control.  I asked could I see if it was there.
    3. I bound the spirit, cut off the tentacles, and pulled him off the top of his head.  Each one of the steps were acted out to a force unseen by the natural eye, but seen in the spiritual realm.
    4. Immediately his eyes went wide eyed open, and he went into a stare, and lost control of his body ability to sit up.
    5. I had to grab him to help stabilize him.  He started to wretch as I called out migraine and other mental spirits.
    6. After about 5 minutes of deliverance, he came to himself not remembering anything that had just happened.

-  Rev. Henry Shaffer

Pastor University Parkway Church

Spiritual Freedom Network Borad Member