Topic 03 - Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Videos - by Dr. James Fent

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Videos



Hi everyone. I am Dr. James Fent of Sabaoth Ministries  and Chairman of the Spiritual Freedom Network. 

Welcome to our series on deliverance and spiritual warfare.

Today we are going to present an introduction to deliverance.  Other videos: Today's topic is:

(Links and Videos are under development.  Keep Checking Back)


1. Introduction to Deliverance - Video Link

2. How Demons Gain Access                                                 

3. The Deliverance Process                                                    

4. Qualifying the Candidate  

5. Six Items Looking for While Taking a History                 

            a. Lack of Forgiveness

            b. Ungodly Beliefs                 

            c. Occult Involvement           

            d. Generational Curses

            e. Soul Ties  


6. Spiritual Warfare

            a. Our Spiritual Enemy 

            b. Spiritual Warfare  

7. The Believers Authority  

8. Most Common Spirits Found in the Church 

9. The Spirit of Rejection  

10. The Root of Bitterness 

11. The Spirit of Guilt