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July 20, 2018, 12:00 AM

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Most everyone has heard of the book about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde written by Robert Lewis Stevenson. The story offers the theme of divided self in a very literal way. Dr. Jekyll was conflicted by his moral values. He recognized his inner desire for scandalous behavior, but in the rigid community of Victorian England these behaviors would have been unacceptable.

This supernatural representation presents interesting interpretations about the alternative personalities we often encounter in deliverance. As deliverance ministers, we must recognize that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde represent a demonic spirit.

You may know someone with such a spirit.

The spirit of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is frequently overlooked during deliverance, yet it is a devastating spirit that greatly affects one’s behavior. It consists of two alter egos.

A person with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde spirit is marked by dual personalities; one aspect is good and the other bad. The person is usually good for long periods of time and then he allows Mr. Hyde to take over and his behavior becomes evil.

Jekyll and Hyde represent a man who is at war with himself.

A person with this spirit will alternate between being kind and generous to becoming controlling and verbally abusive and no one knows what sets him off. He usually displays a quick and sometimes violent temper. Often times the immediate family are the only ones to witness and/or experience his alternative personalities.

The “symptoms” of someone with this spirit include: fear of abandonment, unstable self-image & insecurity, fear of failure (often found in successful people who fear losing everything), feelings of emptiness, and explosive anger.

An extreme case of this spirit would be Adolf Hitler who had had two contrasting personalities. One was gentle, positive and encouraging. The other personality was mean, controlling and destructive.

If at any time during deliverance you suspect a split personality be sure and confront the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Spirit.

A short time ago we were taking someone through deliverance knowing there were spirits of anger, temper, verbal abuse, fear, insecurity, etc. During the interview process, the spirit spoke through this person and said, “I act just like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. This was only the second time I had encountered this spirit, but now realize this spirit is often the cause of many other negative personality traits.

During the actual deliverance when commanding this spirit to leave it said; “One of us is good, can’t we stay”? Nice try devil! Of course not, they are one spirit with two personalities.

The purpose of this blog is to inform others of this demonic spirit as we continually learn more about the spiritual realm.


Dr. James Fent



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