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March 18, 2019, 9:36 AM

Blow The Trumpet In Zion


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We are in the end-times, of that there is no doubt. It’s time for the people of God to stand up and shout…”Prepare the way of the Lord.”

I often wonder; just how saved are we?  Our “instant salvation” message dishonors God and has deluded men. What has it produced? We have become believers who spend hours watching television but minutes watching in prayer; who hunger for the sports page but have no appetite for the Word; spend more money on pet food than on foreign missions; who love to feast but hate to fast; who desire God’s blessings but avoid persecution.  Just how saved are we?

The church has fallen asleep in the enemy’s lap.  

Whatever happened to repentance? Today’s church-goer is more interested in prosperity than the human condition; more interested in entertainment than morality; more interested in self-pleasure than assisting one another
; and more interested in self-satisfaction than saving a lost and suffering soul.

Jesus is coming soon and the church is experiencing a crisis. For too many years we have preached an easy comfortable gospel.  We have taught salvation without self-denial and promised a crown without the cross.

We have a “microwave” instant salvation message.  And it has it produced churches full of people who desire God’s blessings but won’t carry His burdens. We have churches filled with selfish, pleasure-seeking “believer’s” who listen to ungodly music and worship movie stars rather than worshiping Him in song and praises.

Is this what Jesus died for? Is this what it means to be born again? How can we be born again if the experience has no call for personal sacrifice, no separation from the world and no hatred of sin?

Repentance always comes before salvation. Why did John the Baptist preach repentance?  To prepare Israel for the coming of Jesus Christ.  Why should we preach repentance? To prepare the world for His second coming.


 If Jesus really defeated Satan, why does the earth seem covered with sin, violence, and injustice rather than love, peace, and joy? There are four reasons:

 1. Ignorance: Most believer’s do not fully understand that they have been liberated.  When Jesus returned to heaven, He gave the church authority, dominion, and power over Satan and his demons.  But the church is steeped in unbelief.

2. Satan is a sore loser:  He does not quit without a fight. Believers need to know they have dominion over him and stand firm in faith until they experience the victory.

3. When Satan attacks our minds and hearts with doubt and despair, we forget we are no longer subject to his authority: Therefore, we allow Satan to intimidate, harass and oppress us. We forget that we have authority over the enemy’s power.

4. On the job training: Jesus could take Satan completely out of our lives. However, He wants us to have on-the-job training in how to be an overcomer. Remember, you are Christian, a child of the king, with all the power and authority that come with that name.

The church needs a great awakening. Let revival begin with you.


Dr James Fent

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